Mealtime got you stressed?  Need recipes for your favorite cooking style?

What's for dinner!

Let me guess… you’ve been feeling like “I don’t have time to meal plan or cook and I am struggling to find a healthy and balanced meal plan.”  Don’t feel alone, I walked in your shoes!   You’re in luck! 

Prior to 2014 I didn’t understand the value of meal prepping and meal kits or batch cooking for that matter!  I thought I was just “to busy” and well this was “time consuming and expensive”!  How wrong I was!  

Enter: Tastefully Simple Meal Kits!

This was a game-changer. I was able to not only give myself the gift of time each month, I was saving money and did not have to think about what to make for supper!  The only thing I had to decide was which meal prep to eat tonight?  


Fun Facts about Tastefully Simple Meal Kits:

  1. We currently have kits of 10 meals and kits of 5 meals and each meal serves 4-6 servings! Now for a family of two, we actually divided everything and made our 10 meal kit into 20 meals for the freezer!
  2. For most of the meals you can swap out proteins.  If you don’t eat beef, use chicken!  If you don’t eat fish, use pork!  Same thing with fresh ingredients, don’t like broccoli use cauliflower, etc. You get the idea!
  3. I grocery shop with the list that came in my kit. I go thru my fridge and pantry to check off what I have on hand already and then shop for the fresh needed.  I’ve learned to buy meats when they are on sale and prep several of our recipe favorites at one time.
  4. Each kit contains the Tastefully Simple ingredients, a recipe booklet to prep in real time or ahead of time AND the grocery list needed to make all the meals.
  5. Over the years I have saved all of our recipe books and host them in a 3 ring binder for easy reference when I want to prep more meals.  It’s like a modern day cook book but with grocery lists, make ahead prep instructions and pictures of what the meal looks like when plated (I’m a visual cook).
  6. Did you know you can have your meal kits auto shipped right to your front door with our TS to You program?

So if you are looking for a few different meals each month, you want to learn to prep ahead of time, these kits could be what you are looking for.  As for me, each month I spend 2 hours and prep 10 (20) meals!  Win Win!

What are you waiting for? You add the fresh, we add the flavor!  Want to give Tastefully Simple 10 or 5 Meal Kits a try? Here’s how to get started: pop over to and browse the recipes and pick the kit that “speaks” to you!  Check out some of our current meal kit menus…..which ones would you eat first?