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So many ways to use Bountiful Beer Bread

How do you serve your beer bread?




















Tastefully Simple’s #1 all time top selling product for the past 28 years is our famous Bountiful Beer Bread mix.  You can use any kind of carbonated beverage, add Tastefully Simple seasonings,  dried fruits, meats, cheese or veggies to your batter. Possibilities are endless.  So many choices make this the top requested product.


Bountiful Beer Bread is a best seller but do you know how versatile it is?  Did you know it can be used in a variety of ways beyond bread to use with dips?  Here are just 10 quick ideas for you.


#1 use to make beer bread croutons

#2 use to make dumplings

#3 use to make  pizza or flatbread crusts

#4 use to make dinner rolls

#5 use to make sweet or savory muffins

#6 use as batter for breading

#7  use for gifts of freshly baked breads

#8  use to make crostini

#9 use to make mini corn bread loaves

#10 use to make bread bowls for dips or creamy soups


Is your mind blown? Which of these have you done or want to try?  Let me know on Facebook at OR check out my website, for lots of beer bread recipes!